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Dust-free workshop engineering one-stop solution!
Specially designed for various industries provide a wide range of purification level、The different area of purification of air-conditioning systems engineering design、Manufacturing、The installation、Debugging etc. Comprehensive complete service;
Introduce practical philosophy at home and abroad,Each project engineering's personality,To provide you with suitable for your design and construction scheme;
Provide a clean room system(30Wan-10Level)The consultation、Planning、Design、The construction。
Purification engineering equipment of high quality
Professional engineering construction、Material distribution、After-sales service as a whole decoration company;
Clean room equipment and consumables:Air shower、The transfer window、FFU、Vertical/The level of the workbench、Air supply outlet、Junior high school filters、High temperature resistant filter、Clean the shed、Clean clothes、Clean gloves、Clean shoes、The dust particle counter。
Professional team,Fast construction,To speed up for you!

Shenzhen office decoration has gathered a batch of domestic senior management personnel、High-quality design elite and construction team;
Many times to study from design concept and technology of the frontier,Grasp the popular trend,In order to standardized management、Professional design、The construction of science。

Overall quality assurance commitment to construction engineering2Years, Lifelong maintenance

Shenzhen office decorate promised construction engineering overall quality assurance2Years, Lifelong maintenance;
Is committed to the urgent repair project affect the owner to a normal life(The water electricity engineering),We will be in24Hours reply solutions and maintenance;
Will be in you after the completion of the construction guarantee every three months for the current construction quality and customer demand for telephone pays a return visit, Every six months after the warranty period for the current construction quality、The needs of customers and staff service attitude of telephone pays a return visit。
To ensure the quality of international、The best price
Shenzhen office decoration assembly at the scene of the installed in strict accordance with the design drawings for construction,Strive to do better;
We provide business in the field of professional engineering widely praise and praise,With favorable price,Treat customers value service。
Perfect service system,Let you have no trouble back at home
After the completion of the project,Don't follow up on a regular basis,Ensure the normal working of engineering;
All engineering if there is any quality problem,24Hours arrived at the scene,3Working to solve the problem,Let customers worry-free。
Service process
1.Consultation,Field trip2.Offer proposal3.Sign a contract for confirmation4.Construction of follow up5.The overall acceptance of work completed6.After-sale follow up
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Shenzhen wing cheung hing decoration engineering co., LTDShenzhen wing cheung hing decoration engineering co., LTD
  The company is a collection of engineering design、Construction management and after-sales service in a body's specialized purification engineering company,Shenzhen dust-free workshop、Shenzhen purification workshop、Shenzhen office decoration,Adhering to the people-oriented,The quality is supreme management idea,Keep the design level、The engineering quality and after-sales service as the enterprise strength and brand priority to grasp。
   As a professional purification decoration company,Has rich experience of the designer,The detailed construction plan,Well-trained professional construction personnel,Perfect quality testing equipment,The post-sale service in a timely and effective manner。And with good design、Construction and perfect after-sales service in electronics、Optics、Pharmaceutical、New sources of energy、Cosmetic area pieces finished successful,Got the new and old customers agree。The company will always stick……
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Thanks to the following customer has been support for wing cheung hing decoration engineering
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Dust-free workshop of factory building decoration decoration4Big request

Dust-free workshop can see as an independent space,Imagine in almost cut off contact and not completely cut off,The outermost ring corridor has become a dust-free workshop buffer zone of contact with the outside world,Can maximum reduce pollution caused by the outside world。The workshop flush window relative to the wall,You must not set window……
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Shenzhen office decoration common problems

/ Common problems
QDecorate what matters to know dust-free workshop?
AnswerDust-free workshop decoration must be strict with each major type of work and construction procedures,Generally, in order:Leave a hole in the render,The professional installation,The doors and Windows installation,Mend the hole and the surrounding,Base at the grass-roots level,Act the role of surface rendering and cover panel works……In more detail>>
QDust-free workshop decorate how completes the fire prevention measures?
AnswerA、When the dust-free workshop decoration set automatic sprinkler system,Appropriate USES preaction type automatic sprinkler system。
2、When setting gas fire extinguishing system,Halogenated should not be adopted……In more detail>>
QDust-free workshop decoration which conform to the requirements?
AnswerA、Should conform to the requirements of the project construction drawing design。
2、Decorate should satisfy fire dust-free workshop、Heat preservation、Heat insulation、Anti-static、Vibration isolation、Noise reduction requirements……In more detail>>
QDust-free workshop material of glass curtain wall construction repair and maintenance
AnswerThe installation of glass curtain wall construction is a type of work more joint construction,Not only the process complicated,Also require very careful operation。At the same time it with other disciplines……In more detail>>
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