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The central air conditioning engineering / Purification engineering / Mechanical and electrical installation project
Dongguan dachuan air conditioning purification engineering co., LTD
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Huawei south factory(Loose lakes)The base
Huawei south project(Songshan lake)The base
The central air conditioning engineering、All grade purification dust-free workshop
Upper east electronics(Dongguan)Co., LTD
The central air conditioning engineering、Day and water source heat pump
Yao AnXin energy group(Shenzhen)Co., LTD
McGwire water-cooled centrifuge、600Rt 2Taiwan Screw machine500
Shenzhen newspaper tower
The central air conditioning engineering、Trane air cooled chiller
Embellish of science and technology(Dongguan)Co., LTD
The central air conditioning engineering、Ventilation engineering、Electronic engineering
Lite-on electronics(Dongguan)Co., LTD
The central air conditioning engineering、The central hot water engineering
Dongguan hyatt hotel
Comprehensive mechanical and electrical engineering decorate
Town, dongguan city, the strong mechanical and electrical co., LTD
The central air conditioning engineering、320P&water-cooled packaged
Love China electronics(Dongguan)Co., LTD
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Dongguan dachuan air purification engineering co., LTD. Is a company dedicated to the central air conditioning engineering,Purification clean system engineering,Air conditioning energy saving technology,
Electrical and mechanical equipment installation engineering,Central air-conditioning maintenance planning and design as one of the set、Engineering construction、The system debugging、After-sales service
Professional air conditioning mechanical and electrical engineering company。In the field of central air conditioning,Our agent distribution of the United States trane、York、Carrier、Mike's、
Japan's Hitachi、Daikin、The families in China、Day、The auspicious、Gree、Beautiful、Higher air conditioning products......【MORE+
Dachuan air conditioning engineering wonA number of honors,Power is worth affirmation!
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Central air-conditioning maintenance method、Check the condition of the shaft sealing system。The water system and the analysis of heat transfer effect。Check the snow kind of filling quantity of the unit...
《Central air-conditioning maintenance manual》Instructions:Air conditioner cleaning every year2—3Second best。Usually air conditioning, clean before starting,The central air conditioning switched on...
Generally speaking, refrigeration equipment storage air-conditioning system、Cold storage equipment(Or reservoir)、The fittings of auxiliary equipment and systems、Adjust the control parts...
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