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        Leshan le branch boiler limited company is approved by the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantineBThe level of boiler manufacturing enterprises。The company is located in world natural and cultural heritage“Emei mountain”、“Leshan giant Buddha”Apart12Kilometers of leshanThe city wutongqiao district NiuHua town。

 The company registered capital3000Wan,Plant area11Million square meters,With manufacturingBThe level of boiler equipment135Sets。The company advanced management、Strong technical force,Long-term relying on scientific research institutions and tertiary institutions to develop new products,Product development to adapt to market requirements and environmental requirements,Continuously improve product quality,Meet the needs of the customers。

The company attaches great importance to cultivation of talents,Most of the management team and staff engaged in the boiler、The design of pressure vessels、Manufacturing、Management,Working timeThroughout the year30Years of above。At the beginning of one、In the、A senior……

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AddressLeshan sichuan leshan wutongqiao NiuHua town

A mobile phone:13350511066

Zip code614801

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